Exit through the wicket gate behind the playground and turn towards right for a short trek through the forest upto Kosiguda or sunset point.Time up and down is less than an hour.

Exit through main gate and on the main road at the Tamilnadu Information Centre take the trek route to Pulachikottai.This could be almost half a day trek and you could probably spot some deers if you are lucky.Do not forget to carry refreshments and snacks.

Drive down upto YMCA and take the trek route over there.

Drive down 4 kms upto Mangalam and at the Central Govt Silk Farm take the trek route to Swamy malai.

Walking/Jogging Track

A quaint mudroad trails along the circumference of the 11 acre estate.Best to use for an early morning jog or walk.Also an excellent track is available around the lake.You can start from the tree top machan entrance.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Table tennis,Carrom board,Chess and Darts are the indoor games available at the Lounge. Shuttle badmington,Volleyball,Cricket and football could be played at the grounds. Please contact reception and kindly return equipment after usage in order that the next guests could also avail these facilities which are free of cost.


Overnight tents can be pitched on request for a nominal cost.Please contact reception for details.


Bicycles can be arranged for hire .Please contact reception.


Bonfire can be organised on request especially during the cooler months.


Nature Park,Boating and a scenic drive upto YMCA could be added to your activity list for your stay at Yelagiri hills.

Geese and Bird Feeding/Watching

There are a number of Geese which are the House Pets of the Resort. You can also indulge in keeping a track of a variety of Birds which are being fed daily.